Month: November 2017

Mastering the art of prostrations.

  Mantra Count to date (first three days): 282. Daily Total so far Wednesday 15 November 2017: 103. This is all just an experiment really to see how or what is the balance for a 48 year old. How much is too much or…

Prostrations, Prostrations

    Friends, this was my wonderful idea yesterday. Three million full length prostrations over 21 years. Darling, I’m getting on in years, says this ole body of mine. Don’t you just want to lie around and fart? Don’t laugh. Well, you can, it’s…

The Enlightenment Project

    Goal: Enlightenment for all beings. Method for the moment. Three million prostrations to the Buddhas accomplished from this day on for the next 21 years. Mantra Count Monday 13 November 2017: 79 Day One Daily Total: 79 Why prostrate to the Buddhas?…

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