Mum and the funny fart joke

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Firstly, I don’t look like Susan Coates. Kelsang says, I look like Anne. Hmmm, well that’s my name, Vanessa Anne Walsh

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Mum has a good day and wow, she’s even looking good, says Merlin.

How is your accommodation these days, after covid-19? Merlin says, I don’t want to say.

Mum, Mary and many children agree the internet and computers, banking and cooking are all wonderful today. Tenzin says, are they? If you post this to facebook, you will get some response. That is Tara Institute. They are all struggling. Geshe Doga is not joking. Where is Merlin de Rozel Allan? His Holiness says, keep doing. His Holiness says, I don’t think he is going to like that very much. He is very tired. Khensur Rinpoche says, that’s one way of handling it. Alan is a selfish prick to the meditator. That’s where the Molloy’s are bad. Just say.

Hang up. Bye.

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It’s not really a house is it?

The emptiness of the self is clear to see, if you learn to master all three stages of the path to Buddhahood. This is why you need a copy from Wisdom Publications or Tara Institute of Pabongka Rinpoche’s text, Liberation in the Palm of Your Hand.

Hang up.

This is the conversation online. It is just really, really mental. His Holiness says, just say that. Poor Queen Elisabeth. What sort of a whore is Shirley Bassey? Why don’t you just take refuge in the three jewels and generate bodhicitta? Samsara, suffering cyclic existence is just cruel and everyone needs to get over this disease of the body, speech and mind. Om mani padme hum. Om many padme hum. Om mani padme hum. Arya’s think differently and they are far more reliable than the worldly to rely upon, seek refuge in, turn to for guidance and follow religiously.

Shirley Bassey is a slut. Why don’t you just take your whole dress off? It would be funny if you just farted. What would possess you to do that? Lust.

What next?



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