Say Goodbye to the Car

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This is a Buddhist Blog designed to inform people of how to live well, economically, efficiently, environmentally friendly, green, healthy, vegetarian all throughout your life. Say goodbye to Vogue magazine, which never really gave good advice anyway did it? I can step out in style, with lovely colourful, well tailored clothing that’s creative, designed well and warm in winter, cool in summer, still look the best on the street and at home or at the Buddhist Centre. Can you do that for a good budget, observing modesty, not annoying the men into a state of sexual misconduct and samsaric misery?

I think the world should be interested in this wonderful journey. As I said, I am living green, environmentally consciously, locally, not tearing, raping the planet with an overuse of oil and hard to acquire energy. How to stay fit, relaxed, looking after the heart, the mind, the body, organising a healthy vegetarian diet whilst catching public transport, making good use of that very amazing infrastructure that our government and Metlink kindly create for the good use of public benefit.

Let’s just look at starting the day with a mind that appreciates very deeply the wonder of enjoying a fresh organic cup of ceylon tea with full cream milk. Then onto baking some fresh bread with organic, biodynamic stoneground wheat flour.Yum. How delicious to experience around lunch time toasty bread fresh from the oven, with organic butter and jarlesberg cheese. I’m not finished. Today I am eating spinach with sesame sauce – horenzo gomae, avocado sushi and miso soup. Great for the stomach and digestive system and not too heavy. Then time to walk a bit catching the tram to the local Buddhist Centre for a latte, a think and relax, a meditate and to pick up some lovely vegetable soup cooked at Cafe Bliss by gorgeous Tibetan friends. China, suck on that!

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Dharma Discussion

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One of the key aspects and purposes of is to lead the community into a discussion over or concerning the Buddha Dharma. Today I would like to lead a forum within the community into a discussion on the ID, the ego, and the false view of I and mine.

Firstly, what is wrong with wrong view? Do you know what I mean by having wrong view? What is wrong view?

Secondly, how does that false view of a self promote attachment, hatred, pride, jealousy, doubt in the Three Jewels and self cherishing?

So, over to you. You can comment on your knowledge or lack thereof in the comments space below and I will respond. Don’t be shy. Community wisdom needs to improve.

You can also view the opportunity to discuss over the internet via Skype at

Thank you, Vanessa Pollock


Suffering succotash, is anyone going to comment?

Make an appointment for spiritual, meditation or buddhist advice

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From the Buddhist viewpoint, all conditions of samsara, all suffering, the suffering of suffering, the suffering of change and pervasive suffering, these all stem from the three poisonous states of mind of attachment, hatred and ignorance. To overcome the three poisonous states of mind, we need to apply antidotes to these three main delusions.

To begin the journey of Buddhism, it is best to learn how to take refuge in a reliable object, in a reliable triple gem, the Buddha, Dharma and Sangha.
This series of instructions can guide you towards a greater sense and experience of inner peace, enjoyment and happiness.
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About Vanessa Anne Pollock
Vanessa Pollock is a trained Buddhist Lhama and Artist.
Vanessa has over forty years experience in dharma practice and Buddhist philosophical advice and training.
Vanessa has completed a four year retreat on tantra and compassion under the guidance of His Holiness the Fourteenth Dalai Lama of Tibet and Venerable Geshe Doga. Vanessa has also completed another three year retreat on wisdom knowledge and emptiness.

How to Overcome Anger and Hatred

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From the Buddhist viewpoint, all conditions of samsara, all suffering, the suffering of suffering, the suffering of change and pervasive suffering, these all stem from the three poisonous states of mind of attachment, hatred and ignorance. To overcome the three poisonous states of mind, we need to apply antidotes to these three main delusions.

To begin the journey of Buddhism, it is best to learn how to take refuge in a reliable object, in a reliable triple gem, the Buddha, Dharma and Sangha. This series of instructions can guide you towards a greater sense and experience of inner peace, enjoyment and happiness.

How to Overcome Anger and Hatred – $80.00

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About Vanessa Anne Pollock

Vanessa Pollock is a trained Buddhist Lhama and Artist. Vanessa has over forty years experience in dharma practice and Buddhist philosophical advice and training. Vanessa has completed a four year retreat on tantra and compassion under the guidance of His Holiness the Fourteenth Dalai Lama of Tibet and Venerable Geshe Doga. Vanessa has also completed another three year retreat onwisdom knowledge and emptiness.

What’s Going On at the Palace with the Children?

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Princess Charlotte is heading for divorce. Prince George, formally Henry the Eighth has swung his noose. Charlotte is unimpressed. Charlotte is determined to challenge Henry the Eighth, Prince George. He looks the part don’t you think? Charlotte feels she is the mother of Queen Elisabeth, feeling friendly and all with Great Grandma.

What a life these two children have ahead of them! Imagine, insights into their past lives, a belief in reincarnation, wonderful father and so forth. Wrath all the way, charges George, leading the battalion. Charles looks on amused. Days are happier now that everyone accepts three is not a crowd in a marriage, is it?

More on the frolicking escapades of the royal children later; anyone prepared to accept that an understanding of the Jataka Tales, the stories from past lives is more than a little acceptable for morning or afternoon news? Really, is it time that the western and eastern less so public embraced their own Bodhi mind, Buddha nature and got on with the task of aspiring to higher rebirth, liberation and of course, the ultimate goal of Buddhahood.


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My morning encounter with Bashful Bob and Tyrannical Rex

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Did you hear that GC – Bashful Bob and Tyranncial Rex are on the rocks and maybe not heading for divorce? No, this is not idle gossip, this is meaningful news reporting of a higher quality than that found in The Age Newspaper.

What’s been going on? Did Tyrannical Rex spend too much? Did Bashful Bob get upset? Or was Bashful Bob seen falling for another woman? Bashful Bob says he’s not in the wrong now, but perhaps was in the past. Lama Zopa says that’s not the end of it. That’s not the story in it’s entirety. For breaking news, for the inside story on what’s happening around the world, in the soup of samsara, and how to avoid wrong doing, Buddhist Designs and Enlightened Wisdom is in the know.

Who magazine thinks it does this best. I am not one to start a war on the subject, but they are referred to as a gossip publication, which can’t do them any good. I know for sure, and this is confidential, ignorance sucks. Don’t go around spreading false rumours, lies, idle gossip and innuendo. It’s wrong to do that. Bashful Bob is currently feeling fairly disgusted with Tyrannical Rex’s take on the marriage that occurred in Venice, was it not? Romance apparently then was all the news, as was the ring of course, but what to make of things that have occurred in somewhat of a dream state since that time? It’s all like a mirage, a dream and an image of the moon on a still lake. Samsara and nirvana lack inherent existence, whilst cause and effect and dependent arising are unfailing.

Wait! I don’t see idiots standing on the sideline do I, praying for the failure of this marital union? I hope not.



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Esoterics of the pancake and Morning Pages

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As I used to practice writing like so many others by considering the virtues of morning pages, taught by Julia Cameron, I now consider the esoterics of this practice, whilst contemplating my next meal. The tea I have just prepared, first offered to the Guru, purified, transformed and increased for the benefit of all sentient beings, is delicious. Isn’t the practice of logistics and indeed farming and marketing amazing. The tea I now enjoy is brought to my desk by the kindness of so many beings.

I love the practice of the seven-fold cause and effect instruction on the way in which to generate the Bodhi mind. It is so helpful to generate a good heart, an excellent motivation for engaging in the deeds of Buddhas and bodhisattvas, solitary conquerors and so forth. I am drinking full cream goats milk, so kind is it to have such a food. The goat must have some kindness, otherwise the milk wouldn’t be fit to drink. Then there is the science of food, that cleanses the milk preparing it for consumption. These art forms and sciences are passed on generation after generation, for the benefit of the community.

Now dressed and wearing robes, I ponder the gathering of breakfast. Morning prayer completed, I wonder what a nice walk along the beachside will feel like to my body today, having not done much walking for several months. I will discuss the delightful pancakes with berries and mascarpone cheese later. My job is to remain vegetarian forever, to write, meditate, exercise and tend to the place, whilst teaching Buddhist dharma.


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A Captain’s Logbook – Journey into Love

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January 9 2017


It’s lovely waking up early in the morning, having just enjoyed a beautiful nights sleep. How to live well. How to relax well. How to teach well the principles of the Lord Buddha. Ethics, concentration and wisdom, the six perfections, these are such awesome topics and subjects to consider and abide with. The writer sits, dressed in pretty cotton nightwear, sipping on a sparkling natural mineral water, planning her day.

Having just completed the recitation of the deity, there is just a pot of tea to consider. Spaciousness of mind here, there and indeed everywhere is essential. Devoid of true existence am I, are you? The preciousness of this human life is obvious don’t you think, so today is the turning of the wheel of dharma and the first union of Kalachakra.

His Holiness is so kind. Bodhgaya is so moving. Many people gather to listen, contemplate and to meditate. What is this love story I think about? There are many fine characters. His Holiness and his retinue lead the way, inspiring others with such brilliant examples of ethical conduct, love, compassion wisdom and joy. There is quite a bit of paper on my desk. If I were listening to my children, they might think, oh Mum, when are you going to file all that paper, or wouldn’t I have taught them to worry. Administration is a good skill to learn. I have an in-tray, and out-tray and they are looking settled enough for the time being. No point looking nervously at this paper. Bills have to be paid don’t they. You wouldn’t want to live on the streets. What a horrible place that is. Then again, a house is on the street isn’t it, or is it a mansion of the deity, to be revered, respected and taken care of.

What is my point? Each day is precious, every moment presents us with a wonderful canvas upon which to paint the most glorious of virtuous works and gift of freedom. Don’t waste it being negative, getting caught up with the confusion of ignorance, jealousy, lust, pride, hatred, attachment or wrong view. How do you make your life a work of fine art, something to be admired and treasured? It, as you might well tell me, concerns principally the subject of meditation, the familiarisation with virtue.

Time now to make that tea.

Or I could just be grateful for the mineral water.

Maybe it’s just a good opportunity to release, to meditate upon emptiness of a self of persons and of phenonmena. Don’t get caught up in the busyness of worldly attachment and concern. This is what all truly great masters dream of.

If you commit to living in the present, not worrying about the past, not delving into the non-inherently existent future, just live to enjoy and be at peace with the day and night that unfolds each twenty-four hours. Does it have time? We are discussing the Wheel of Time Kalachakra. The possum outside barks in pain, reminding me of how much better it is to be a human and not an animal, who appallingly appears to lack the eight endowments and ten freedoms necessary to complete the stages of the path to enlightenment.

Anyway, I was mentioning tea, so best go to make it, don’t you think?


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The Yummiest Salad and Soup Diet

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If I can get this blog to work, my intention was to journal about a Buddhist journey into the Essential Wellbeing Diet. This diet is scientifically proven to support and create a state of excellent health as tried tested and experienced by my own religious practice.

I am a medic, a Buddhist doctor who would like to document my experience with what I consider to be a very healthy, non-harmful diet, the Essential Diet, as I like to call it. Having suffered from crohns disease, and wanting to avoid all other types of disease, I feel it’s in the community interest to encourage people to do even better than what they feel they may have been doing with their diet. I think people in Australia eat too much meat. This diet is primarily vegetarian, and does include dairy, full cream diary products.

All good diets start with a plan and a shopping list.


Yummyist Salad

Yummy? What’s yummy? Well, my cooking for starters. No, it’s delicious. Are we a nation of fatties? Obesity – give it the boot. Diabetes, who needs it.

Anyway, I’ll show you how to start the day, how to continue it and finish off. It’s all about reducing greed, a lack of satisfaction and ill health. I thought to blog on this last week, but basically, cooking got the better of me and I was so in the moment, that the words never hit the page. So, I had a good time. That’s what it is about in part, really, how to be beneficial to yourself and to others. The bodisattva or Buddha way.

This is the sort of shopping list you need.

For two people

Ancient grains and seed organic loaf of bread

organic butter

Organic Chilli Hommous

Tasty cheese sliced – bega

Organic ceylon tea

Organic coffee

Organic cream

Organic full cream milk

Raw sugar

1 bag organic mixed lettuce leaves

One organic avocado

Soy and sesame dressing or honey soy dressing or ranch dressing or greek yoghurt dressing

Organic fetta cheese


Rasberries one punnet

Blueberries One punnet

Organic yoghurt natural

Organic sour cream

2 Organic dutch cream potatoes

salt flakes and cracked black pepper


What you need to begin is some good organic bread. Healthybake I think, the baker does some nice loaves. Then some organic butter and a nice slice of tasty cheese. Next a cruskit with organic chilli hommous. Have that with a nice ceylon tea or an organic coffee and cream and what a delicious breakfast you have.

You will need some meditation before lunch. Thank all those wonderful growers and food manufacturers, Buddhas and Bodhisattvas for the energy they give to get out of bed to make the world a better place by bringing to market, such yummy produce. It works to give thanks. To show appreciation. To make offerings of body, speech and mind to the Buddhas and Bodhisattvas to create the causes for all beings to attain the highest state of enlightenment.

Then, next is lunch. Some delicious organic mixed lettuce leaves, some soy and sesame salad dressing, an avocado sliced and some organic fetta broken up over the salad leaves. Toss and enjoy.

Afternoon tea is to enjoy two fresh passionfruit sliced in half and eaten, some raspberries and blueberries in a bowl mixed with fresh organic or gippsland yoghurt. Yum. Very light, very nutritious.

Dinner: one baked potato (organic dutch cream is nice), some organic butter and a dollop of sour cream. It takes a bit over an hour to cook. Enjoy. And give meat a miss for a while.

The soup, I’ll discuss later. But start with some good salad and your body, speech and mind will thank you for the diligent care and attention.

Can you please support this community service blog which makes excellent dietary guidelines, shopping lists and recipes available for the public’s benefit.

This site is run and organised by volunteers who are Buddhist. Please support this dharma service by making donations and gifts to


V A Walsh

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How are Computers Effective in a Radioactive Environment?

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Composed February 2015

Venerable Lharampa Geshe Vanessa Anne Pollock Doga Zopa Gyatso Rinpoche


From the Buddha’s perspective of wisdom, an understanding of emptiness, the wisdom realizing emptiness, the emptiness of an inherently existent self of persons, and the emptiness of an inherently existent self of phenomena, desire, lust and attachment are very, very poisonous states of mind. Desire affects the mind, the speech and the body in the following way. Attachment exaggerates the qualities of objects of a self and of others, of self of persons and a self of phenomena. It wrongly imputes and implies that there are qualities present when there are not. It does not understand death and impermanence, and it does not understand it’s own miserable condition. All contaminated phenomena are suffering and impermanent.

Having a body, speech and mind, a mental continuum contaminated by desire is actually a very miserable and unfortunate position to be in. It is an unhappy and unfavorable reality. In reality, everyone wants to be happy and free from suffering. Desire however brings a disaster upon the self, the environment and others. These gross conceptions of a self, of an inherently existent I and mine are very problematic at the moment.

Let’s tackle the problem of sexual lust, in a meaningful way. First of all, how does lust overtake and affect one’s ability to see things clearly, with an objective and balanced understanding of the nature of reality. The nature of reality is that all beings, all sentient beings are actually pervaded by a state of suffering. There are three types of suffering that affect sentient beings. Firstly, the suffering of suffering. Secondly, the suffering of change. Thirdly, the pervasive type of suffering.

Ordinary man, woman, child, does not comprehend or appreciate this type of wisdom. Firstly, life does not end with the disintegration of the gross human form, or any gross form. Ask yourself this? Does the mind of a being for the most part, from this point of view, actually reside at the heart, within the subtle wind element? Does the mind actually, in reality, affect the winds, the subtle winds of the body? Or space itself?

When the mind is overtaken by desire and lust, one is forced into a situation that hankers after an attachment to have sexual intercourse with another being. This is purely to experience one’s own orgasm. It cares little if anything at all about the pleasure of another being. What is worse, is it does not understand, appreciate or comprehend how this action of sexual conduct causes beings within the bardo to become affected themselves by attachment/desire, aggression and ignorance.

The being in the bardo, waiting to take rebirth, sees the sexual organs, the genetalia of the beings in sexual contact and becomes crazed by the three poisons, which then forces them into a state of conception.

This is to take rebirth, without bodhicitta, without the mind aspiring or engaging towards the state of enlightenment, in a negative way, in a miserable and unhappy way. So the sexual act itself does nothing to bring pleasure to oneself, the partner or the child.

The feelings of an ordinary orgasm are actually in reality, very corrupted and blind, and not aware of the suffering nature of reality, of cyclic existence. This means to be forced endlessly, with no recognized understanding of the solution through suffering lifetimes, from beginingless time, continuously, until one accepts the outstanding qualities and achievements of a fully enlightened state of perfection, the omniscient wisdom and compassion of an awakened Buddha, and makes the conscientious commitment to engage in the path to the cessation of suffering, the three higher trainings and possibly the deeds of a Bodhisattva, the six perfections and the four means of gathering disciples.

Lust brings no satisfaction. It is the opposite feeling to the state of contentment and satisfaction.

Desire hankers after and becomes attached to the objects of others. It seeks to take over and to possess them. It behaves in the manner of a thief, desiring to control what does not belong to them. It enacts an extremism, and covets thought processes, harmful thoughts are wrong view.

Having become affected by desire, the opposite of a state of happiness, satisfaction, the being then engages in sexual actions, desirous actions that produce misery for oneself and others. Where to from here? This miserable environmental condition must be abandoned from within to find a stable pathway out of the cycle of misery, of suffering, of existence and non-existence. This can only happen through engaging in a pathway of the opposite nature, making the firm decision to abandon suffering and it’s causes, and engaging the path to the cessation of suffering, for the purposes of attaining liberation from cyclic existence and enlightenment.

There is a solution to suffering, but it involves a resolute commitment to consistently abandon from within, through a proper understanding of the Guru, the Three Jewels, through the correct way of listening, the actual internal causes of suffering. Both happiness and suffering, in reality come from and are caused by the state of the mind itself.

It is only through the path of meditation, through abandoning this outrageous attachment to the objects of the sensory perception, that we can begin to understand, to adopt the pathway and it’s causes to peace and to abandon the causes and path of an ordinary body, speech and mind trapped within the suffering nature of cyclic existence.

This may, at the outset, appear to be a lengthy discussion, but in reality, the reality of the global environmental condition at the moment, is one of utter catastrophe and oblivion.

Why? Humans have created the most appalling situation with the reality of these nuclear power plants. Let’s just consider. Knowledge itself, the type relied upon by the ordinary western scientist is impermanent. If these nuclear plants are not maintained forever, every moment, every day, every plant, everywhere, the planet will be destroyed in the most disastrous way, through a thorough the most complex, heartbreaking and hellish incineration of all beings within this reality.

What on earth have these so called visionaries, these practitioners of nuclear understanding been thinking? It is at best the most utterly selfish reality the Buddhas have ever seen. Just take, for example, the situation where it becomes impossible to maintain these nuclear facilities, say, for an example, through the outbreak of disease, or the inability of children to comprehend nuclear technology? What then? Nuclear apocalypse, the end of planet earth and the solar system? Where on earth are you beings who created this ridiculously dangerous reality going to take rebirth forever and ever? So this is the outrageous reality you have created. This totally day to day, holocaustalistic threat to the planet, that virtually requires an eternal solution of nuclear understanding to take care of just simply to avoid the end of the earth as an inhabitable region. In the space of what time frame, did you idiots bring on the onset and eternal worry of this nuclear catastrophe. Just one generation was it, after the first atomic test?

At present, radiation levels from France nuclear reactors are at abominable levels and are adversely affecting all life-form on the planet. This is one of the causes for these unbearable outbreaks of cancer. Radiation from nuclear facilities goes unreported and to the ordinary mind, unrecognized, on a daily basis, however the actual devastation upon the body, speech and mind of beings is utterly catastrophic.

The only way out of the nuclear holocaust, the apocalyptic condition and reality is to rely completely on the wisdom and compassion of the enlightened reality, the fully enlightened beings, the awakened ones. What are your Governments doing about preserving lifetime after lifetime, generation after generation and day after day, the prevention of a catastrophic nuclear breakdown and destruction? From the Buddhas understanding, not enough. The cooling systems are not being maintained properly.

Furthermore, how to continue educating people lifetime after lifetime in this selfish, rough and ready, apocalyptically destructive science? Just to work day after day in these nuclear power plants is to enter an appalling reality of confusion, instability, and hell.

Presently mankind has no method to get rid of this nuclear disaster. If man had engaged in a pathway out of suffering, through a proper, loyal, appreciative and consistent reliance upon the loving kindness, wisdom, patience ethics and compassion of the Buddhas, we would never had needed, we in reality never required such an abomination of the use of the word, energy. This is not a constructive or healthy energy, and is, in reality of no benefit to oneself or others.

Not listening is not an option.

Getting back to the understanding of the nature of reality. That all phenomena are empty of inherent existence. Nuclear scientists are of the view point that radiation can be contained. How so? All phenomena are empty of inherent existence. This means the radiation is also empty of inherent existence. Why do so few people study and understand the heart sutra? One needs a thorough understanding of how the recitation of such a sutra, the sutra of wisdom, the heart sutra, can purify such suffering. What suffering? The suffering of being negatively affected and poisoned by radiation. Death is ordinary for those who do not practice ethics. Death is ordinary for those who do not understanding calm abiding. Death is also ordinary for those who cannot overcome a false view of an inherently existent self, of a false view of the self and of phenomena. One needs to penetrate the reality through realizing the selflessness of persons and of phenomena. One must let go of attachment, desire, hatred, self grasping and self cherishing, through a cutting through process where one can dissolve uncomfortable negative emotions, dissolve into emptiness, the nature of reality, the suffering contaminants of body, speech and mind, and to abandon from within the actual causes of suffering, the impurities of body, speech and mind, the ten non-virtuous actions.

These are, to cover again and again, to become constantly aware of how they arise, the following:

Do not engage in murder, theft, sexual misconduct. The three negativities of the body.

Do not engage in lies, harsh speech, divisive speech and gossip. The four negativities of speech.

Do not engage in covoutesness, harmful thoughts and wrong view. The three poisonous actions of mind.

This must be a moment by moment understanding. One needs to be fully present, aware of one’s thoughts, one’s motivation. When alone watch one’s thoughts. When in the presence of others, watch one’s speech.

Then one must purify, on a daily basis, the negativities, should they arise. If they keep arising, you are not in reality making any progress and are under constant suffering in reality. You cannot escape this cycle of misery, unless you actually engage in the spiritual path in a meaningful and conscientious way.

Understand that!

This ever present hell is just a breath away. No matter where you live on this planet, or within this solar system, that is the problem that you face.

Complete annihilation of the winds. Do you have any understanding at all of the three kayas. The nirmanakaya, the dharmakaya and the sambhogakaya? What is the effect of a nuclear holocaust, the extinction of the solar system on the three holy kayas? This must be understood.

We are all interdependent by nature. Correct or not? The Buddhas may be free of suffering, but what is your reality? It is this. Are you taking refuge yet? The food industry is important. That’s right. The clothing industry is valuable. Housing, what do without? Car manufacturing is essential. What happened to the humble candle, for example. If you call that spooky, you are really just a lunatic of stupidity. How many beings are required to function forever these nuclear facilities. It’s just such a dysfunction, it’s ridiculous. Contaminants of earth, water, space, fire, wind and space must be abandoned completely. Is this your internal reality? Why did they destroy the hydrogen option? This is the type of corruption ordinary minds have created.

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