The Language of Love



The language of love does not, in any way, correspond with the language of desire[1].

When one person, or even one being, loves another, their primary concern always lies with how to remove the suffering and pain of another. It begins, continues and ends with thinking about ways to bring pleasure and happiness to another, and will even focus upon the needs and wishes of all beings. This is not because it is trying in any way to deceive another simply to fulfill its own selfish gratifications.

Love aims to avoid creating losses for another person or being. Simply, it aims to protect the integrity, morality and self-respect of another person. Desire attempts to do the opposite. Desire does not care if damage is created in the experience of another person. It cares nothing for the self-respect, morality or aims of another.

Love aims to protect and nurture the happiness, contentment and health of people and all beings. It has no interest in trampling on the needs of others in order to bring about some superficial, short-lived and impermanent experience of satisfaction.

In my experience, the Buddha will think, devise and perform limitless actions aimed at protecting, nurturing and sustaining the happiness and fulfillment of another person. He has no commonality whatsoever in the mundane, selfish and destructive motivations of ordinary, self-possessed beings. An ordinary being, on the other hand, has no thought or care about the consequences of his self-centred actions. An ordinary being with no insight or love will, without hesitation, create suffering and misery in the mind and
experience of another. True, deep, endless love, aims to transcend the boundaries of space, thought and time. It can move beyond the limitations of the human form and reach far into the realms of space to bring peace, contentment and joy.

May all beings identify, recognize and be conjoined with the supramundane love of a Buddha. May they transcend their sufferings and recognize without any shadow of a doubt, that a Buddha can and will free all beings from their limited, miserable lives and transport them to a state of never-ending happiness, peace and everlasting joy.

[1] Desire means thirst. Like drinking salt water. A taste that cannot be satisfied.

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OZ Never Did Give Nothing To The Tin Man

Listening to some great music, this Monday evening.

Today, we were set for a scorcher, 39 degrees was the prediction, by I for one, spent the morning in the lovely coolness of the sea baths, doing my laps and then later basked in the cool sea breezes down near St Kilda Pier. All those fears of a scorcher amounted to nought. How our mind and fears can deceive us. Or maybe, it’s just an out of whack forecast. Who knows?!

Tomorrow brings a new day and a new promise. The song I was just listening to, Tin Man, by America, reminds me of the importance of recognising the real wealth we all have within us. We can search forever for the answers from without, however the real truth and peace lies within.

I am going on holidays for a week. I am going to explore the beauty of the Great Ocean Road, before heading back to work and a year of study. I hope everyone who has just returned from their summer sojourn all had a good rest. I know I am in need of mine.

Take care all.


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About the text, Nights in the Moon Lily Garden


As I look like this, and not with a wig, or a bob hairstyle. Why so? It’s called renunciation, darling.

I’ve just had dinner. What are you going to eat tomorrow. Honey, once the shopping is done, I was thinking a little along the lines of spaghetti, sweety. So, how goes the recipe cheeky chop?

And it goes like this. Doesn’t really move like Jagger, but it does taste good.

Spaghetti Tugpa

for 3-4 people.

500 grams of heart smart mince

one onion chopped

garlic one clove chopped

one punnet of cherry tomatoes

a few twigs of rosemary

6 sliced mushrooms

one teaspoon salt flakes

a few shakes of cracked black pepper.


olive oil

good quality dried spaghetti or fresh spaghetti

chilli jam

Put some olive oil in a saucepan heat and add chopped onion and garlic. Don’t burn, just soften, then add the cherry tomatoes and mince. Stir and let cook a few minutes until meat browns a bit. Then add water to cover the meat, rosemary, sliced mushrooms and salt and pepper. Cook on a low to medium heat stirring for about 30 minutes.

Cook the spaghetti for twelve or so minutes until al dente.

Drain the spaghetti and serve with the tugpa mince sauce. Adding the liquid from the tugpa is delicious with the pasta. To sex it up, add a teaspoon of chilli jam to taste.

Copyright © Vanessa Anne Allan 2016

Meditators Diary – Doing the Buddha Do

May 23 2016


We are discussing the emptiness of form, feeling, recognition, compositional factors and consciousness. What sort of diet do you need to follow? I have just the plan and way of being. It’s the meditators diet and it’s for the benefit of all living beings.

Let’s just discuss the menu for the day. What are we going to eat, or what did we just consume? What was done on Sunday has been done, but it’s definitely worth looking at, investigating and discussing.

Sunday’s menu included the following:

Dinner was the following.

Half a green salad with dressing     50 kilojoules

Half a horenzo gomae which is spinach with sesame seed sauce   30 kilojoules

2 pieces of fried tofu in broth. 80 kilojoules

1 piece of scotch fillet bar-b-qued. 500 kilojoules

Total 660 kilojoules


Lunch was this:

One spanakopita filo pastry with salad 500 kilojoules

One freshly squeezed orange juice 300 kilojoules

One Latte with one teaspoon of raw sugar. 250 kilojoules

Some green tea and English breakfast tea.

Total 1050 kilojoules


½ piece chocolate 150 kilojoules


Total Kilojoule count: 1850 kilojoules


This is an example of an average daily consumption of a diet that does not cause heart disease, diabetes, cancer or obesity. The thing is the Australian Government’s own website recommends to the public of Australia an average daily kiloujoule intake of between 9000 kilojoules and 11000 kilojoules for average workers (not athletes), who are advised to eat even more than that.

Clearly the Australian Government’s health advisory team is barking mad. Their health advice, their dietary advice is obviously an example of extreme ignorance, greed attachment, desire and hatred. On this diet that we, the Tibetan Government recommend, you do not suffer a loss of energy, sickness or hunger and thirst.

I will discuss Monday later in the day.


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The ordinary State of Mind

I woke up today and investigated the meaning of reality. Being acutely aware of my own mother’s distraught mental state, I prepared a cup of morning coffee and after drinking it, began to investigate this false sense of I and mine. When the mind is untethered to the object of negation, the false sense of an I and mine, when one does not cut through appearances and investigate the ultimate state of being, the selflessness of self and of phenomena, the mind ricochets off whatever external object it becomes attached to, powerlessly driving itself away from all forms of inner peace, happiness and contentment.

Sitting quietly in meditation, I investigated my own state of dissatisfaction. Not happy here, does that mean I go there? Where going? Somewhere else? Where? Why there? What happens if I move from here to there? Will I find peace, or the same state of inner dissatisfaction and a lack of peace? So I look. What is there that is not here? This mad woman, this madman, driving me away from my home, if I go elsewhere, why would they give me peace or satisfaction anywhere. Their aim is to keep me on the run. The answer is to turn within and tame the innermost flow of one’s own mental continuum.

Cutting through false appearance, one annihilates this false view of external reality. There is no happiness there that is not here.

There is no happiness to be found spending an extra one or two hundred dollars per day, on a hotel/motel located somewhere else, when the state of dissatisfaction remains unchallenged and not investigated for its validity or lack thereof. As there is only the conventional sense of self, the basis for conventional reasoning, one cuts through with the eye of wisdom, the unruly state of mind, driving one everywhere but where happiness and satisfaction abides, in a state free from fetters. Ultimate wisdom.

Having removed by cutting through false appearance, the ordinary veil, that obscures one from the nature of reality, one can abide free from fear, contented and without many external requirements.


Copyright © Vanessa Anne Pollock 2016

The Way of Shakyamuni or A Merlin State of Mind


So it’s Friday today and of course one needs to find food to eat. How to do that properly? If one considers carefully, food should be consumed and understood via only honest, articulate and ethical methods.

Beginning the day with a wisdom state of mind, a bodhicitta motivation, one should aspire to and engage as follows. May I attain the state of Buddhahood for the sake of all sentient beings. I’ll get to why compassion is the means to that end later.

Firstly, the ABC of Buddhist thought and action is how to perform and artistically engage in mindfulness, alertness and introspection for the purposes of creating actions of body, speech and mind that are beneficial and useful to oneself and others. Don’t just mindlessly roll out of bed in a bad mood, selfishly thinking life is just a basketcase and all too hard. Life maybe not much if you don’t understand Buddhist logic, but these days we have little excuse because the Tibetan Buddhist Dharma is being spread throughout the world.

OK, so I am a valid teacher, but how to prove that? Well use your common sense and look at my long list of qualifications.

The day usually starts off with and continues with action right? Action must be designed carefully, with a positive understanding of the nature of reality, the empty nature of reality. Really how lucky are we to be able to acquire and happily drink an organic Ceylon Tea, with full cream organic milk? No, further back. I started the day with a nescafe coffee, with raw sugar and beautiful runny cream, in a lovely handcrafted cup. These essentials for the body and mind are indicative of the great kindness of others, of skill and method and wisdom. So it’s very important to always live with an attitude that is gracious and appreciative of how difficult it is to gain or organize these things. Really, Ceylon isn’t next door.

I’m not saying you need to consume a great deal to be happy, to find happiness, but you do need to act with care, with a caring mind, with a mind intent on the benefit of oneself and others. Firstly, aim not to harm oneself and others, and then if you can with great wisdom create actions that benefit the community as a whole.


Life at the Foodcourt.


Not much these days is said about the nice Indian food retailer at Chadstone Shopping Centre. I arrived at the foodcourt a little after 12pm and most of the tables were already occupied. I ordered two curries, a lamb korma and a beef curry to go with dhal and rice and a bottle of water. It’s good value and the meat is not really tough.

What stinks is the form of humans that surrounds the place. Really the human form is regarded to be filthy. You are supposed to overcome it’s dysfunction by aspiring to and engaging in the deeds of bodhisattvas to create the causes to achieve the profundity of the fully enlightened body, speech and mind of a Buddha.

I like to try to eat in quiet, just mindfully taking one bite of food at a time and trying to chew it carefully so as not to cause digestive problems. Anyway, without taking with you in your mind everywhere you go the attitudes of mindfulness, alertness and introspection, conscientiously applying these to your deeds, you simply won’t have a very good time.

Instead of walking with aggression, impatiently pushing past others or into others with anger and hostility, try taking life at a slower, more meaningful pace. Don’t be a jerk, thinking you are more important than others, because the simple answer to that is that we are all in need of being relevant, by being positive and caring of the beings within our environment, with whom we share this realm.





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The Beat of the Street

Post One

14 February 2016

How to Organize the Pantry – Part One

Natures Cuppa Organic Ceylon Tea

When looking at the kitchen and how to organize it according to Arya Sangha rules, you should start with a good clean of the pantry. You need to dust out the pantry for cobwebs, then spray each shelf with something like Ajax or some antibacterial cleaning spray, and wipe down the shelves and cupboards thoroughly. This should be done hopefully at least twice a year.

According to Arya Sangha rules, it is always best to function and operate the kitchen according to the following advice. Keep it fresh.

It’s not a good idea to overstock the pantry. Rather, when looking to stock a good pantry, only keep the bear essentials and look at buying fresh ingredients according to the recipes we provide you with on a daily basis. Don’t say you don’t have time. If you aspire to become a fully enlightened being, you need to understand just how important a healthy diet is to grow, flourish and maintain a healthy body, speech and mind system of wealth.

So having cleaned the pantry, lets take a look at how to stock it well.

Firstly, what do you like to drink to stay calm. Let’s discuss tea and coffee.

I recommend stocking a variety of tea. Look at buying some Ceylon Loose Leaf Tea, like that grown by Nature’s Cuppa, Twinnings, or Dilmah. Then some English Breakfast tea bags or Ceylon tea teabags. Natures Cuppa has a lovely organic variety. I recommend some Peppermint Tea from T2, a packet of Green Tea and even some Ginger Tea (all loose leaf). So you need a proper tea strainer holder to brew a teaspoon of loose leaf tea in a cup. You can buy these from places like Oriental Tea House in Melbourne.

There, so that’s tea, now what about coffee. These days people think of two places to go to for coffee in particular. Obviously Nescafe is good, because it’s not too strong, but you should just buy the smallest jar and use it just when it’s fresh. Don’t buy too much, because it goes stale.

Then if you have a Nespresso coffee machine, you could stock some Nespresso coffee capsules and have them for a nice treat.


My advice on cleaning


OK, so this is what really pisses me off. I’m not being aggressive, so don’t go acting bananas yourself, but have you checked out how truly retarded cleaning companies have become these days?

Let me tell you a story. I employ a cleaner to come over. I ask them to start cleaning out the pantry and I explain about everything that needs to be cleaned throughout the house. Then I give the cleaner two new sponges and cleaning materials to start the cleaning. The next thing I know she is asking if she can first start cleaning the bathroom before the kitchen. Look everyone. You all need a fucking wake up call. This is what is wrong with that.

Point One. Hygiene.

How do you clean a house? Does no-one know yet how to clean a house?

Firstly, if you have to clean shelves, benches, floors, toilets, bathroom basins etc, you don’t mix up the sponges or wiping products. A sponge used to clean the shelves, benches, you don’t use on the floor. And what the fuck do you think you clean the toilet with? Not a sponge or product you are going to use anywhere else.

So my advice, why not spray down the toilet and then use toilet paper that you then flush down the toilet after you finish wiping down the toilet. I don’t need cleaners to mix up the sponges and use bathroom or toilet cleaners in the kitchen, living room or anywhere else.

What do office cleaners do? Well, they come in at night and clean the office toilets. Don’t tell me they then use those sponges or superwipes to then clean out the office kitchen or office desks. How disgusting.

Can Australia and it’s cleaning services please get this one right and not continue spreading disease everywhere?

This Community Service Announcement is brought to you by someone trained in monastic discipline. Monastic discipline, the vinaya actually has a point to it. Let’s not die of poisoning in the simple task of trying to get the house or office cleaned.

As this advice is given free of charge, in the interests of understanding community health and safety, why not stop paying huge dollars for useless information found in Vogue Magazine that doesn’t ordinarily provide for advice on how to dress in a way that is not infuriating to mens desire.

Furthermore, could you consider making a donation to Enlightened Wisdom, which operates like a charity at the moment. Here are the account details.

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A Little Ditty

In praise of this spiritual dance with Mick, Keith and His Holiness

A Little Ditty in Honour of the braver aspects of Mick, Keith and the Rolling Stones I’ll write you both a little ditty seeing that have all aged so well, and escaped the deep ravine. It’s called keep your filthy socks off sweetie, and enjoy the eccentricities of divine aspect – or not.

We all know Mick engages in a little meditation or two Have ever you met the incomparable Shantideva?
I hope to see you when you really take your clothes off In emptiness

My divine wisdom eye is always on you
We shan’t mention Nagarjuna
Or did you first understand non-attachment from He?
Micky Micky Mick
so cute with that little tush of yours
that keeps waggling
for peaceful absorption
Did you know Buddha always knows when to hide your unfaithful aspect To keep you sustained in spiritual faith
Swippie Swippie Swoo
You raised us out of the drudgery of divorce
vanquishing our nervous tensions
that hid in horror from commercial realities
and buried our happiness and freedom aspect in mundane torture
We waited for a friend and you came
Ta for that!
Who said the Rolling Stones didn’t understand the downfalls of desire? Anyway, anyway gotta go
Sweet dreams forever and ever and ever


Copyright © Vanessa Pollock

The Union of Bliss and Emptiness

The emptiness[1] of love[2], of life[3], of enlightenment[4]. Can words really express this ultimate reality? On Sunday night, my Guru[5] spoke to me in a liberating[6], and intoxicating[7] way. Suggestive, transformative, uplifting, heartbreakingly beautiful. My mind sings when He[8] is its focus. Voidness[9] glistens, bubbling away, dissolving that which is harmful, revealing the pure essence of phenomena, its blissful heart.

After spending hours in meditation, my mind soothed and quieted into a blissful void quiescence that left me transported to a pure realm of bliss and purity, I prepared to go to bed. Having some tea and yoghurt, I listened to the evening news close to midnight, before preparing for bed and more absorption. My Guru appeared, listening with a loving heart and mind, he transfixed my vision. In an ultimate state we danced together. The many aspects of emptiness revealed, unraveling the ordinary state of perception, erasing suffering completely. After, united and spent, I was left to observe the traces of my own impurity and to recognize so clearly how such attitudes of hatred, anger and displeasure  tear away at lasting happiness, causing nothing but pain, misery and suffering. How clear this realization was. Truly, to be absorbed in emptiness, in ultimate bodhicitta[10], this is where real happiness lies. To be united in peace with one’s master, this is the goal of life itself. Nothing can match such peace, or the purity, the ultimate state of being for me, and perhaps others as well.

[1] Emptiness is the true state of reality, the mode in which all phenomena exist.

[2] To love another being means wishing them to be happy. To strive for the happiness of others.

[3] Life means to have heat.

[4] Enlightenment is the state where one has overcome and extinguished all faults of the body, speech and mind and achieved the highest state of perfection by developing the body, speech and mind to their ultimate state of purity and perfection.

[5] Guru is a spiritual teacher, a being that has fully perfected him or herself to the state of everlasting happiness, peace and freedom from suffering. An authentic Guru is a being that has achieved the ultimate state of enlightenment.

[6] Liberating means to free one from all forms of suffering.

[7] Intoxicating means to abide in bliss.

[8] He is Buddha. A being that has achieved Buddhahood, the ultimate state of peace, purity and perfection. Fully Awakened, Fully Enlightened, Transcendent One.

[9] Voidness means that all phenomena lack inherent existence. All phenomena are empty of inherent existence.

[10] Bodhicitta is the mind that aspires to and engages in the path to enlightenment.

Copyright © Vanessa Anne Walsh 2015

Goodness Me

How do you prove to someone that you love them?

I guess you need to show them the way. However.

It’s a bit tricky. Mostly people think, what the fuck do you want? You’re not going to rob me, are you? What are you doing here? I’ve had enough. Go away.

Gee, from my experience, that’s not too happy, or friendly.

Dear Merlin, maybe grow up.

Yeahyah, I mean grow up. What would I be doing here without you????

No I’m not really canvassing disciples, I am trying to teach you I’m worth it. Ho hum, what does that mean?

Goodness me, I’m lost, No Vanessa isn’t lost, she is worthwhile, but you deal a mean deal. Why sack me? Apparently, the company didn’t like the romance, or was it something truly worthwhile? Either way, I win. Do I really? When are you going to come onboard? Now would be good for all of us.

A little lesson on renunciation here is to learn to give up completely. Maybe, as I have often stated, the worldly mind is always the enemy to true consultation.

Hmmm, maybe I am for real after all. So thanks, why not give me a ring?