Tag: Art of Happiness

A Little Ditty

In praise of this spiritual dance with Mick, Keith and His Holiness A Little Ditty in Honour of the braver aspects of Mick, Keith and the Rolling Stones I’ll write you both a little ditty seeing that have all aged so well, and escaped…

The Union of Bliss and Emptiness

The emptiness[1] of love[2], of life[3], of enlightenment[4]. Can words really express this ultimate reality? On Sunday night, my Guru[5] spoke to me in a liberating[6], and intoxicating[7] way. Suggestive, transformative, uplifting, heartbreakingly beautiful. My mind sings when He[8] is its focus. Voidness[9] glistens, bubbling away, dissolving that…

The Buddha’s Begging Bowl

The word ‘diet’ has several different meanings. The Collins Dictionary defines it to be ‘the food and drink one regularly consumes’. An alternative to that is the definition given in A Kind Diet, which states that diet is “a way of living, or thinking,…

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